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Wild Card 2 - Winnings are in the cards.

Winning Numbers

Wild Card 2
Draw DateWinning NumbersWildCardJackpot
7/4/20152-11-19-21-23King of Diamonds$210,000
7/1/20153-13-14-17-31Queen of Diamonds$205,000
6/27/20152-3-12-17-32King of Spades$200,000
6/24/20159-14-24-26-30Ace of Spades$275,000
6/20/20152-7-12-14-23Ace of Diamonds$270,000
6/17/20155-6-16-25-31Queen of Clubs$265,000
6/13/20152-8-19-30-33Jack of Clubs$260,000
6/10/201514-17-23-28-30Ace of Spades$255,000
6/6/20154-17-21-23-33Queen of Clubs$250,000
6/3/20151-3-5-21-23Jack of Hearts$245,000

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To find winning numbers from an earlier date, please visit the Wild Card 2 website.

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